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Keeping the Workplace Safe with an Occupational Health Consultancy Firm

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Occupational health Management is safety and health risk management, something that all company in the uk should be practicing. Work Health Management provides solutions that:

* Keep staff safe

* Protect the bottom line

* Drive business efficiencies

* Increase business brains

* Improve staff spirits and productivity

The responsibility of the employer is to ensure that the employee within the company is safe during all business activities, and that they are aware and understand safety and health, and how to enforce it. Without having policies and practices in one piece, a number of problems can happen, such as, absenteeism, reputational damage, and loss of costs. There is also the concern of personal liability. How an Work Health Management Firm Works

An work health management firm creates and develops policies and comprehensive safety and health audits, working directly with the business owner to manufacture a program that is tailored to the needs of the business, protecting all those within the company. The work health management firm will provide benefits to each business such as:

* Safety and health consultancy

* Safety and health gap analysis

* Safety and health risk assessment

* Safety and health audit

* Safety and health management freelancing

* Safety and health management systems – eRisk Manager For company staff to achieve the skills and competencies necessary to reduce the risk at work, it is essential to achieve the proper training. Policies and practices must be intact. Having a safe environment that is healthy and productive does make any difference in the business.

Occupational health management does involve training, which includes:

* Short courses

* Fire: Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and NEBOSH

* Construction: NEBOSH, IOSH, and Construction Design Management (CDM) courses

* NEBOSH and IOSH accredited courses

How to choose an Work Health Consultancy Firm

When you begin to look for an work health consultancy firm for your business, you want to look for a firm offering a broad range of services. The company should also be recognized within the industry, and have years of experience delivering safety, health and environmental solutions, and be trusted a dependable name across the UK. The company should be able to meet your own requirements and grow innovative, flexible and provide solutions that are tailored to your needs. All the staff in the firm should be experienced, trained and skilled, being able to provide expertise. The firm should be ISO 9001. Lastly, the firm should provide a number of services together with:

* Work Health

* e-risk Manager

* Advice Lines and Call Revolves

* Contractor Accreditation

* Water Safety

* Environmental Management

* Food Safety and Food Hygiene

* Asbestos Management

* Safety and health Traiing

* Construction Safety and health

* Safety and health Management

Without policies and practices and the proper training to put in force the policies and practices in the business, the business is open to many risks. Proper training is essential and will ensure a business that operates safely and at its fullest. Downtime can be very expensive to a company, and when the environment of a company is not a safe or healthy environment, downtime will occur.

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