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Know these quick tricks to have a flat belly

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Do you have an event this weekend and want an abdomen that allows you to wear that dress that you love? Perform these easy techniques that will help you in a short time to show off your abdomen as you have dreamed.

It is known that there are diets that promise magical changes and low weight in the short term, but that generally could harm your health due to extreme demands.

And the worst in these cases is the hated “rebound effect” when you stop enjoying foods that are often essential for your food and start consuming them again.

That’s why good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and continuous exercise will always be the best way to keep your body balanced.

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But we know that despite this, many times you urgently need to see yourself and feel a little thinner, for a specific event or a special wardrobe that you want to use.

That is why for this weekend we recommend these excellent tips, delivered, that will keep you with a bare belly without making a tortuous regime.

  1. Foods that do not: If we need a flatter belly as soon as possible, there are products and foods to avoid, such as chewing gum, fizzy drinks, very fatty or fried dishes, and foods such as broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage. Brussels, for the gasses they produce.
  2. Foods that do: There are great nutritional allies for a smooth belly express. The dairy lactose ensures light digestions and combat swelling. In addition, kratom powder tea balances our cortisol levels to fight against stress, which helps a slow digestion and is satiating; and asparagus contributes to a stomach less swollen by its diuretic power.

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  1. Set the alarm clock: A study concluded that those who wake up at around 11 am tend to consume, on average, 250 more calories, half fruit and fresh produce, and twice as fast food. Then people who get up before: three practices that favor slower digestions and that can inflate the abdominal area. It is a practice not at odds with getting eight hours of sleep: what we must do is place them in the proper portion of the clock.
  2. Flat-Belly Cheat: Without being a trick in itself, it is a great help to motivation. It consists of enhancing other parts of our body to achieve a more symmetrical, balanced and slim effect, through our choice of clothes. Using skirts, skinny pants, and tops that leave shoulder-lengths in view create a harmonious effect and help increase the “flat stomach” effect.
  3. Eat the rainbow: It will sound a bit strange but the more striking is the color of a fruit or vegetable, the more likely it is to be a positive food to eliminate toxins and to deflate.
  4. Keep your back straight: A good posture can become the most powerful optical effect. Keeping the back straight counteracts the “Michelin effect” that conflicts with the flat belly; but also helps eliminate swelling.

A plus: The breathing exercises are one of the basic flat stomachs to keep the long term, and maintain the correct posture is the first step to training the muscles of the abdomen.

  1. Chew: All stomach aids are small: the more processed the food arrives; the easier it will be to get a flat stomach and absorb the proper nutrients. According to a study, the ideal would be to chew each serving up to 40 times. In addition, the brain takes 20 minutes to get the feeling of satiety of the stomach, so if we eat slowly and chewing well will take longer to finish and the feeling of satiety will reach the brain before we have overeaten.

Try to follow these easy data always, since you will feel your body lighter and will help you that upcoming summer does not intimidate you that roll that does not let you wear a bikini.

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