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Peptide Quality – The Current State | Canada Peptides

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The growth and use of peptides in the pharmaceutical industry has been immense in the last few decades. A lot of research is currently ongoing, with so many companies venturing in the synthesis of peptides to ensure that they meet the ever-increasing demand for these substances. Currently, 35% of peptides being sold in the industry are generic, though this figure is expected to rise as more synthesis continues to take place and further applications are also devised.

A trend currently being adopted by most of the peptide manufacturers is the habit of manufacturing synthetic peptides which are more consistent in markup and quality. Most governments and regulatory agencies across the globe are also keen in ensuring that the manufacturers within their jurisdictions adhere best practices in the synthesis process so that they can at all times guarantee the quality of the peptides produced within their areas of jurisdictions.

The quality of peptides synthesis is such a serious matter that just recently, an Expert Panel on Therapeutic Peptides was formed in the United States to deal with all the issues regarding the quality and standards of synthetic peptides in the country. There are also such similar quality control bodies in most of the countries where peptide synthesis is taking place on serious scales, such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The other great factor of concern when it comes to the quality of synthetic peptides is issues to do with shipping. In their basic form, peptides can last for a long time, but special care is normally needed during the shipping process. Without the right shipping when accorded the right packaging and preservation, peptides may reach the buyers when their form is already altered.

This, again, is another reason why it is imperative for everyone in need of quality peptides to stick to recommended manufacturers, who will handle, package and ship peptides using best practices. Others may not adhere to safe shipping and by the time the peptide reaches the buyer, it may have already changed form.

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