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7 Day Quick Weight Loss Plan for All Ages

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Everyone likes to be well on their way to weight loss within a few days. Many girls complain from long-term training because they want to see quick weight loss progress. Who has time to go on for months around the same workout until you feel like life is too boring to live? But after many studies and researches were conducted, now it has been revealed that you can start making a real difference in your body with a 7-day plan. If you take drastic changes with your body, in one week you will find that you feel smarter, healthier, fitter and firmer all around. Take a read:


This being your first day of a life changing week you can start with dropping your alcohol drinking. Yes, you have to make a serious improvement. If you regularly have a drink or two, drop it today. If you are a binge drinker then you have to stop the habit altogether. Alcohol does not only dehydrate you but it makes eating your meals difficult.


What time is it? It’s time to fix a meal with fiber in it. Fiber is not only great for your body and skin and provides long-term effects, but it also helps in keeping you full and sated for a longer period of time. Meaning you will not feel hungry for a couple of hours.


Another great tip for a quick weight loss regime is to stop binge eating. Yes, having 3 meals is always recommended but if you are going to eat platefuls of food every meal, that is not right. You will feel bloated and are less likely to move around and be active. Instead, divide every meal into 2 portions. Meaning you will be eating 6 times a day. Watch your calorie intake as well while you are at it.


With gas in your stomach you can create quite the discomfort for yourself. Moving around and getting stuff done will become an unachievable challenge meaning you will be sitting around all day. And what does sitting around all day do to you? It packs the layers of fat onto your stomach and hips. Well, we will be having none of that. Avoid gassy foods like peppers and broccoli and cauliflower. Switch to water based vegies and fruits like cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, oranges…etc.


Quit binge eating? Welcome binge drinking…water! For clear skin and a quick weight loss plan, you need to drink loads of water. But, hold on do not chug down that 1 L bottle! Instead take small sips every minute. In that way you won’t have to visit the lavatory every second. Ice water helps in those criteria.


A quick weight loss 7 week plan is not complete without one workout day, minimum. Go for the easiest choice since you just started, and go have a run. Not feeling up for a run? Take a stroll/walk your dog and put a skip in your step to burn those calories.


Do you buy canned and processed goods all the time? Well, it’s time to cut that out from your diet. Switch your processed foods with farm fresh vegetables and fruits.

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